MM Metals USA uses an innovative continuous furnace manufacturing system to produce ultra-high purity low carbon ferrochromium. Our technology revolutionizes current methods of production. Its ground-breaking technology is based on decades experience, brought to life by a dedicated world class engineering team with extensive experience across a multitude of disciplines.

Low Carbon Ferrochromium Production

At the heart of our system is a state-of-the art plasma furnace, engineered by some of the brightest minds in our field. It uses proprietary and patented processes and includes methods of leveraging aluminothermic reactions to assist in the continuous production of alloys. This proprietary process and technology is made possible by the availability of unique aluminum granules which MM Metals USA produces on site.

Aluminum Granule Production

Our aluminum granule products and production process is based on proprietary methods for continuous manufacturing. Several innovations, which include solutions to oxidation and yield combine to deliver consistent high concentration aluminum granules.