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About MM Metals USA

MM Metals will be the first and only manufacturing facility to produce low carbon ferrochrome in the USA in over 40 years

MM Metals has been granted a permit to produce low carbon ferrochrome in Pennsylvania, USA and is on target to be in production in Q1 2021.

our markets

MM Metals will sell high purity low carbon ferrochrome directly to steel mills, alloy producers, and other specialty metals industries.

Low carbon ferrochrome is used in the production of stainless steel alloys and high chromium alloys.

Low carbon ferrochrome is designated a critical material by the US Department of Defense and is vital to the production of defense equipment.

our facilities

MM Metals will operate from a new state of the art facility in Pennsylvania and over 80% of the hardware is being manufactured in the USA.

The facility will use many locally sourced raw materials including scrap aluminum which will be re-melted and cast into small granules which are then used as a reductant to produce low carbon ferrochrome from ore.

Economic impact and job creation

MM Metals' new facility will create more than seventy new skilled jobs and significant economic benefit to the US economy.

MM Metals process was developed and patented in the USA.

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